Portrait of Miami artist Pablo Cano

I first learned about Cuban-born Miami artist Pablo Cano through an article in the Miami New Times about his exhibit which just concluded at the Kelley Roy Gallery. The article intrigued me so I visited Pablo’s website and was amazed at his truly unique work.  Pablo creates marionettes, puppets, like you’ve never seen anywhere.  And he makes these wonderful artworks using scrap, discarded materials so every piece is completely unique and cannot be duplicated.  His work is some of the most original I’ve ever seen.  He tells a funny, and frightening, story about having a pistol stuck in his ribs one time while he was dumpster diving!

So I contacted Pablo and we set a time to do a portrait of him.  Before the portrait session, I visited with him at his home in Little Havana to get ideas on how to stage the portrait.  Pablo’s studio is at his house and he gave me a complete tour of every room which is like a living museum, marionettes everywhere.  I felt like I was taking a private museum tour but I was in Pablo’s house–spectacular!  My favorite piece is his hippopotamus where the head is created using an old guitar.

At that first meeting, Pablo mentioned that he had created a marionette of himself for a previous exhibit but a private Miami collector now owns the piece.  I was disappointed because I thought, “Wow, wouldn’t that make a great portrait—the artist controlling a marionette of himself!”  Pablo said he could probably borrow the marionette for the photo shoot and sure enough, 3 days later he had it.

Pablo and I had a good laugh doing this shoot because, we both had to admit, it became narcissistic–the artist, admiring his own work which is a marionette of himself!  But we had fun with it and I’m very pleased with the end result.  I hope you enjoy the photos.  To view a slideshow of the images, please click on the blue text that says, “View with PicLens.”

Please note, these are low resolution images for quick uploading and viewing and all images from my website are available as high resolution downloads, prints or enlargements, etc.

Pablo is considered one of Florida’s premier contemporary fine artists and his work is in many impressive museums and private collections.  I encourage you to visit his site and stay updated on his work through Facebook or look for one of his regular performances featuring his marionettes at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in North Miami.

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Update: the South Florida Daily Blog profiled my portrait of Pablo!

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