The Biscayne Poet – a candid portrait

The Biscayne Poet a.k.a. Oscar Fuentes at Bookstore in the Grove

One of the best aspects of being a portrait photographer in Miami is the ability to meet so many interesting people.   I first met The Biscayne Poet a.k.a Oscar Fuentes at a performance at Pablo Cano’s theater in Little Havana.   When I am able I try to attend his “live poetry” performances in Miami and also the Oscar Fuentes Combo.  Last week he came to my neighborhood and did a reading at the Bookstore in the Grove.  What’s unique about this poet is that he doesn’t just read his previous work.  Attendees are asked to write 3 words on an index card.  He then writes a poem on the spot based on those 3 words.  He never keeps the poems but, instead, gives them back to the participant.  And he does these performances all over Miami: in bookstores, bars and hotels.

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