So Liam…why the sideburns?

People often ask me, “So Liam…why the sideburns?”

Going through some of my mom’s belongings recently, I came across this classic “1970s” family portrait in front of our family home in Kennebunkport, Maine.  I’m pretty sure it was taken in 1976 – yeah, it’s 40 years old.  But who took it?

I have no idea what my mom, age 38, is looking at.  Brendan is probably 2 yrs old in the photo.  Sean is about 12 – and seems to be posing for the camera.  I’m 8 and already trying to annoy my younger brother.  And Dad, age 39, well….Dad was just being Dad.  We would often catch him staring off in space, presumably forming his next short story to write.

I remember those sideburns but it didn’t occur to me until I saw this photo that I probably got the idea from Dad.