Meet Liam

Born on Leap Year’s day, February 29,  Liam is an award-winning, international photographer living in Miami whose style is known for his ability to instantly connect with his subjects. Ironically, Crotty was exposed to photography within his first hour of life because the local newspapers posted photographers outside his mother’s hospital room hoping to get a photograph of the first baby born on Leap Year’s Day. A Creative Childhood Crotty was one of three children whose parents were both professors. He was influenced by his mother who encouraged his photographic ability and by his father, a gifted creative writer and storyteller. At age nine, he purchased his first camera, a 110-format, plastic point-and-shoot from his local Five & Dime store and has never stopped taking pictures. His life-long passion for photography progressed as the Photoeditor of his High School yearbook and at age 18 his photography and leadership were featured on NBC’s WCHS Channel 6, America’s Future Award. Photography his True Passion Crotty continued this passion as the Photo-editor of the Oldest College Yearbook in the United States at Yale University where he photographed many prominent people including: Jesse Jackson, Paul Newman and Liz Claiborne. As an adventure traveler, he’s photographed the jungles of Costa Rica, the Swiss Alps while skiing the Mattterhorn, whales and dolphins while scuba diving in the Gulf of California and numerous alpine peaks during his annual mountain climbing trips. Yet, photographing people in their own, natural setting is his specialty and why people hire him.

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