“Never hate anything” – Larry Kaucher – #YouWowMe 24

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Larry Kaucher


“Never hate anything” advised Larry Kaucher (pronounced like “couch”).  When I asked him to elaborate, he explained that “it’s ok to dislike something or someone but if you hate something, it sets off your system, your blood pressure and stress level.”  But when you “only dislike something, it’s easy to brush it off.  It’s served me well.  I don’t get upset.  Hate doesn’t do anything for you.”

Larry passed these words of advice on to the next person in my photography exhibit  #YouWowMe –  the first-ever photography project to combine portraiture and personal words of inspiration which are passed to the next person — i.e. a “pay it forward” of inspirational photography.

Larry is retired, lives in an assisted living facility in the “rough section” of Coconut Grove and looks forward to spending most afternoons at our local public library — in fact it’s the highlight of his day.  As a weekly patron of our library, I’ve often seen Larry sitting right outside in his wheelchair talking with friends and strangers.  I’ve been wanting to photograph him for over a year and today I did.  In fact, he was proud to inform me that I’m not the first professional photographer to take his portrait.  A few years ago when he was homeless and living in Peacock Park, he was photographed and included in a local book.

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