Liam Crotty’s list of street photographers & street photography

Street Photography in West Coconut Grove

This is my own personal list of street photographers (both contemporary and past) and other people associated with street photography including publishers, curators, festivals, writers, etc..

This list is by no means comprehensive, up-to-date or even accurate but it does represent people who I believe are connected to this art medium (and people and work that I follow).  If you have any suggestions on improving this list, please email me.  All constructive ideas are welcome.  Thank you.


  1. 9 Shots
  2. Phillip Abbott
  3. Christophe Agou
  4. Diane Arbus (1923-1971)
  5. Zach Arias – Atlanta, editorial, commercial, some street, personality
  6. Daniel Arnold – prolific, everyday, never stops, NYC, instagram & tumblr only
  7. Arif Asci
  8. Eugène Atget
  9. Narelle Autio
  10. Stacey Baker
  11. Andre Baumecke
  12. Julian Berman
  13. BOOGIE a.k.a. Vladimir Milivojevich
  14. Jimmay Bones
  15. Polly Braden
  16. Brandt, Bill
  17. Braybon, Anne
  18. Brassaï a.k.a. Gyula Halász (1899-1984)
  19. Bright, Susan
  20. Brownsvilleka
  21. Giacomo Brunelli
  22. Bang Byoung-Sang
  23. Campany, David
  24. Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004)
  25. Sarah Choi
  26. Mark Cohen
  27. Charlotte Cotton
  28. Cunningham, Bill
  29. Maciej Dakowicz
  30. Johnny de Guzman
  31. Anna Delany
  32. Philip-Lorca diCorcia
  33. Dirty Harry a.k.a Charalambos Kydonakis
  34. Robert Doisneau (1912-1994)
  35. Eamonn Doyle
  36. Carolyn Drake
  37. Cheryl Dunn
  38. Melanie Einzig
  39. Mr. Ellis
  40. Walker Evans (1903-1975)
  41. Elliott Erwitt
  42. Ewing, William A. (curator of NY Photo festival)
  43. Wittner Fabrice
  44. Chris Farling (Observe)
  45. Robert Frank
  46. John Free
  47. Lee Friedlander
  48. George Georgiou
  49. David Gibson
  50. Bruce Gilden
  51. Stephen Gill
  52. Thierry Girard
  53. Andrew Z. Glickman
  54. Paul Graham
  55. Jacob Greene
  56. Todd Gross (New York)
  57. Stepan Handzha
  58. Siegfried Hansen
  59. Cristóbal Hara
  60. Markus Hartel
  61. Robert Herman
  62. Danielle Houghton (Observe)
  63. Sophie Howarth
  64. Matt Hoyle
  65. Troy Holden
  66. Jana & JS
  67. Leo Jeffries
  68. Travis Jensen – San Francisco
  69. Hamey Joag
  70. Sian Jones
  71. Tony Ray Jones
  72. Nils Jorgensen
  73. J R — the artist
  74. Richard Kalvar
  75. Osamu Kanemura
  76. Yasuteru Kasano
  77. Dylan Kasson
  78. Keffer a.k.a. the Night Day
  79. Kertész, André
  80. Eric Kim
  81. Klein, William
  82. Martin Kollar
  83. Jacques Henri Lartigue
  84. Jens Olof Lasthien
  85. Thomas Leuthard
  86. Helen Levitt
  87. Frederic Lezmi
  88. LUOXI
  89. Mark Lythgoe
  90. Vivian Maier
  91. Jesse Marlow
  92. Jaime Martínez
  93. Roger Mayne
  94. Steve McCurry
  95. Liam McHenry
  96. McLaren, Stephen
  97. Jeff Mermelstein
  98. Joel Meyerowitz
  99. Carlos Miller
  100. Moby
  101. Mimi Mollica
  102. Daido Moriyama
  103. Johanna Neurath
  104. Shin Noguchi
  105. Antonio Olmos – does beautiful, melancholy shots using a 5D Mark ii
  106. Estevan Oriol
  107. Rui Palha
  108. Papageorge, Tod
  109. Trent Parke
  110. Martin Parr
  111. Gus Powell
  112. Mark Alor Powell
  113. Bruno Quinquet
  114. Raghu Rai
  115. Robin Rhode
  116. Sha Ribeiro
  117. Terry Richardson
  118. Alexander Richter
  119. Martin Roemers
  120. Benoit Rousseau (Paris)
  121. Paul Russell
  122. Tom Ryaboi
  123. Richard Sandler
  124. Boris Savelev
  125. Mustafa Seven (incredible shots of Turkey and his travels)
  126. Donavon Smallwood
  127. Otto Snoek
  128. Brian Sparks
  129. Brandon Stanton
  130. Will Steacy
  131. Sam Stockman
  132. Matt Stuart
  133. Tatsuo Suzuki
  134. Ying Tang
  135. Seymour Templar
  136. Alexey Titarenko
  137. Paul Trevor
  138. Lars Tunbjörk
  139. Peter Turnley – I saw a great presentation by him at the Leica store in Coral Gables.
  140. Nick Turpin
  141. Munem Wasif
  142. Alex Webb
  143. Peter Wegner
  144. Pien Wilbrink
  145. Amani Willett
  146. Garry Winogrand (1928-1984)
  147. Michael Wolf
  148. Tom Wood
  149. iO Tillett Wright
  150. Jesse Wright
  151. Yanidel
  152. Zane & Inzane
  153. Artem Zhitenev
  154. Wolfgang Zurborn


Other Photographers Who Have Influenced Me

Clyde Butcher
Yousuf Karsh
Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946) – won every photography award available.  Submitted to every one of them Tried to make his photography art..


Groups & Collectives
APF Collective 
APF Magazine Street Photography group –
Calle 35 – Spain
Flickr group: Elite Street Photography
Flickr group: Hardcore Street Photography
Flickr group: Just Street Photography
Flickr group: Promenade….{ Street photography }
FLickr group: RAW Street Photography
Flickr group: Street Photography (no HDR)
Flickr group: Street Photography & Candid Street Portrait (The Very Best)
Flickr group: Street Photography Blog
Flickr group: Street Photography – Image of People.
Flickr group: Street Photography Magazine
FLickr group: Street Photography: The Very Best
Flickr group: The Museum of Street Photography
iN-PUBLIC – street photographers collective
MEETUP – Miami Street Photography Club
OBSERVE –  International Street Photography Collective
Street Photographers Collective
The Street Collective:
Events, Exhibits, Festivals, Prizes
A Gallery for Fine Photography (New Orleans)
Deutsche Börse prize for photography
Miami street photography festival
Books, Magazines, Blogs & Media
Art Photo Feature –
Book: Street Photography Now by Sophie Howarth & Stephen McLaren
ISP – International Street Photographer magazine
TIME: Lightbox
“The Ongoing Moment” by novelist and critic Geoff Dyer
“The Street Photographer’s Manual” by David Gibson published by Thames & Hudson
Articles about Street Photography
Interview with street photographer Rui Palha:
New Eyes on Familiar Streets: Todd Gross in New York City:
The 50 greatest street photographers right now:
Famous NYC street photographers:
“The ten most influential active street photographers”
“Why street photography is facing a moment of truth” in The Guardian.
Book Job Gallery in SF, @bookjobgallery in SF, representing street photography and film!
Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art in San Francisco had the Daniel Arnold exhibit “Six Days in San Francisco
Photo Eye Gallery – Santa Fe, NM
© Liam Crotty  (all content on this page)


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