Jackie Gleason’s Mausoleum at Our Lady Of Mercy Cemetery

Today I went to Jackie Gleason’s Mausoleum at Our Lady of Mercy Cemetery with my friend Ashley.  Ash told me he had been wanting to visit Jackie‘s grave since moving here 13 years ago but Jackie is buried way out near the everglades on the west side of Miami and Ashley doesn’t drive.  So I offered to drive and I’m glad I did because I have fond memories of my Dad watching Jackie on TV when I was a kid and laughing late at night.  I wasn’t expecting much because of how far out the cemetery is but was pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful, quiet, walled and well landscaped area.  Also surprising was how classy Jackie’s mausoleum is–all marble, tastefully done and rather simple.  The only wording anywhere on the entire mausoleum besides his name and dates was the following favorite saying on the front and back steps: “AND AWAY WE GO”  Definitely worth a little side-trip if you are a Gleason fan.  And I was surprised at how few people actually visit his grave–the secretary at the cemetery office said he gets visitors only about once a month.  So, he’s probably lonely–go visit him.

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  1. Uncle Ash May 12, 2010