Iggy Pop – portrait of the “Grandfather of Punk” – Miami, FL


Yesterday I was at Sweatstock, the music festival celebrating the 7th anniversary of Miami’s coolest indie music store Sweat Records, when I had the opportunity to do a very quick portrait of the legendary rock star Iggy Pop (I was there because Miami entertainment writer John Hood had asked me to photograph two bands at the festival he planned to interview).  When doing celebrity portraits, you are usually given very little time alone with them.  For example, I did a portrait of the Governor of Maine and was given just 10 minutes which turned into 25 minutes while he and I discussed politics and the economy of Maine.  It was Iggy’s birthday yesterday so he was just making a quick, guest appearance to support Sweat Records.  Iggy’s bodyguard said I had just two minutes…yeah, that’s right, two minutes! How do you create a really great portrait of such a famous punk rocker in just two minutes? I knew I had to come up with something unique because there’s no time for changing locations, backgrounds, lighting, posing, etc.

What did I do?

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