What is a “one-of-two” original fine art print?

People often ask me why I would print only two copies of a photograph.

It’s simple.  It makes those two prints extremely rare.

Numbered prints usually are “one of …..” for example, 1/100, 2/100, 3/100…. meaning the first printed of a series of 100 prints.

But this series of two means there are only two printed ever.  Never to be printed again.

By purchasing this original print, you will be one of only two collectors to own it.

I do reserve the right to reproduce the image for advertising & promotional purposes; to be printed in a book or collection of my work;  or small 5″x7″ souvenir postcards for an exhibit.

How does this work?  First come, first served.  Whoever purchases the two prints, gets them.

To view all of my original, fine art prints that are still available, go here.

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