Urban portrait of Overtown Music Project’s Amy Rosenberg for NBC Miami’s NiteTalk with John Hood

On Tuesday I received a request from Amy Rosenberg, the Executive Director and founder of the Overtown Music Project here in Miami.  John Hood with NBC Miami’s “NiteTalk” is doing a story on her this week and she needed a professional headshot to accompany the story.  Sure thing!  I’m your guy 🙂  When I get calls like this, I learn as much as I can about the subject and how the photo will be used.  It helps me in deciding how to do the photo shoot.  So Amy and I talked on the phone for awhile about the non-profit she created and was so impressed with it’s mission: The Overtown Music Project will bring back some of the area’s historic luster with a series of multisensory concerts in historic Overtown landmarks as well as in venues all over the City. The Overtown Music Project will shine a light on the different genres of music that once made Overtown’s integrated nightclubs the rhythmic epicenter of musical Miami. A diverse audience will witness musicians from the area’s heyday as well as emerging artists take on jazz, blues, bebop, big band, soul, funk and gospel music in an atmosphere of reverence and love.” Join the Overtown Music Project Facebook group.

When doing portraits in Miami, most of my clients request outside photo shoots showing off the beautiful scenery that we have here: miles of beaches, beautiful ocean, lush trees, plants and flora–all of this makes for simply stunning backgrounds in images.  But Amy wanted her portrait to represent the area of Miami that her project is focused on: one area of inner-city Miami.  So we met downtown, scouted out a couple of backgrounds and started shooting.  Now, normally when doing portraits you want to avoid cars in the background of your photo……so what did we do?  We did the opposite of conventional portrait photography.  We chose one of the busiest intersections with lots of traffic and had the cars zooming by and blurred out.  But Amy remained motionless so she literally “pops” off the background of the blurry cars.  It’s a cool effect but it meant Amy had to stay still for awhile.  I was using a shutter speed of 1/10 of a second.  I know it sounds fast but it isn’t.  And it worked!  I love the results.

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