U-Doodle founder Jordan Magid – #YouWowMe 12

#YouWowMe 12 - Jordan Magid


Jordan Magid is a remarkable 22 year-old.

While most of his peers are partying and “finding” themselves, Jordan is already making the world a better place….and he’s doing it on his own terms.  No, he’s not teaching or joining a local not-for-profit.  In fact, while still at the University of Miami, he created his own organization called U-Doodle which won the “best new student organization” on campus and has a mission which:

“uses group art activities to bring people together to embrace their inner creative talents and experience collaboration in a simple, accessible and inclusive way.”

Specifically, U-Doodle has brought their group art activities to five local Miami Schools; collaborated with YELP on a community event in Indianapolis; and even the NYC Dept of Transportation asked them to do a street fair.  In just 3 short years, U-Doodle now interacts with about 20,000 people per year.

When I asked Jordan what piece of advice he would like to pass on to the next person in my project, he said with conviction: “Do what you love and everything else will follow.”

And Jordan does all this with a huge smile on his face.  It’s quite obvious that he is taking his own advice and “doing what he loves.”

#YouWowMe is the first photography exhibit to ever combine portraiture and personal words of inspiration which are passed to the next subject — i.e. a “pay it forward” of inspirational photography.

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