Spring Break Miami Beach 2012


I’ve been a fan of “street photography” for as long as I can remember and one of my all-time favorite street photographers is Robert Doisneau (best known and sometimes cursed for his “Kiss at City Hall” photo in Paris).  One of the reasons I love living in Miami Beach is the wonderful scenes and backdrops that lend themselves to street photography.  When doing street photography I also often incorporate a photography or “shooting” style called “hip shooting” which is exactly what it sounds like, positioning your camera down near your hip and pressing the shutter release without looking through the view finder.  The advantage of hip shooting on the street is that the people or subjects often don’t know you’re photographing them.

With street photography, what I love is the “chance” and serendipity and spontaneity which is the complete opposite of studio photography where all the elements of a photo shoot are controlled and scripted.  Street photography appeals to a certain type of photographer and it is one of my favorite past-times.

This last week was the peak of college Spring Break here in Miami and I can personally attest it was quite rowdy this year.  I rode my bike down to Ocean Drive, the epicenter of the partying which is just 7 blocks from my apartment.  I went once at night and once in the afternoon just as everyone was leaving the beach.

I LOVED this scene I came upon at the intersection of Ocean Drive and 8th street directly adjacent to The News Cafe and Wet Willies bar.

The first image in the series (with the girl on the left doing a side-ways glance at the man) is my favorite and I believe the most interesting.  What moves me is the people and their interaction and obviously the juxtaposition of the older man prosthlytizing his religious beliefs in the middle of a horde of near naked drunk Spring Breakers – what a scene!  You can tell the girl on the far left is desperately trying to check out the man without his noticing and still remain cool in front of her friends.  Unbeknownst to the Spring Breakers, in the background, the Miami Beach police have a front row seat to observe the whole scene in the comfort of their air-conditioned motor coach.

Coincidentally, when I rode my bike home later I passed the prosthelytizer getting into his Prius with Massachusetts plates.  Did he drive down from MA for his own version of Spring Break?

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