Spam Allstars at The Green Parrot in Key West…wow!

Key West, FL

I just saw and boogied to the Spam Allstars at one of the best bars in the world, The Green Parrot in Key West, FL.  I had been to the Parrot many times before and they have a reputation for great music but the Spam Allstars literally blew the crowd away with their show.  I mean the entire place was hopping to the music.  If you haven’t heard them, check them out.  They are a Miami-based band but they do travel.  The photos I took with my iphone so the quality isn’t that great (when is Apple going to release a 10 megapixel iphone? :-).  And yes, that’s their trombone player playing a conch shell in honor of  the Conchs in attendance (Key Westers)–the crowd went crazy when he did this!

Rum in Key West?