Fine Art Photography for sale – Romero Britto Secret Revealed!

Britto Secret Revealed!

March 2013

Original art (not a photo)

Archival-quality, giclée print on textured watercolor parchment

Hand-applied cut-out wording

12″ x 18″ (30.5cm x 45cm)

Includes a 1″ border around print


Nearly three years ago I moved to Miami from Maine.  Upon arrival, I could not help but notice the ubiquitous Romero Britto work all over the city.  I had never heard of Britto and quickly learned that people in Miami are polarized with their opinions about his work:  you either love it or hate it.  What I’ve done here is photograph one of his installations with a book I found describing his deep secret to how he does this work :-).  Added to this are hand-applied, cut-out words.

I have mixed feelings about his work.  He’s created a brand and is marketing it and becoming rich.  Good for him – I don’t fault him for that at all.  But it’s not art and shouldn’t be confused with real contemporary artwork.  I think of it as a brand or a fashion design.

I’ve created a one-of-a-kind, original artwork (not a photograph).  An archival quality Giclée print is a process that uses pigmented inks, which are applied to Fine Art paper.  This process has an archival range from 100-200 years, based on independent testing.

Would you like this framed or un-framed?


What is your opinion of Britto’s work?

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