Robert Platshorn – America’s most notorious marijuana smuggler

On Wednesday I found myself sharing Cuban coffee and empanadas with America’s most notorious pot smuggler, Robert Platshorn, while listening to his incredible stories including being held at gunpoint by a Colombian National Army lieutenant on a remote airstrip in the Colombian jungle.

Robert is a natural story-teller (and I should know because I grew up listening to my creative writing professor father tell tall tales) — someone you could sit and listen to for hours and just get a short glimpse of his uniquely diverse life from growing up in South Philly; acting in an off-Broadway show; becoming a famous pitchman; an award-winning big game fisherman; starring in the Square Grouper movie; becoming the most famous pot smuggler in America as the leader of the Black Tuna Gang; becoming America’s longest imprisoned (30 years) nonviolent marijuana offender and writing about his tales in Black Tuna Diaries.

Since his release from prison, Robert has spent the last five years criss-crossing the country working to reform the marijuana laws both in Florida and the nation. To follow Robert’s current work, go to his Facebook page:  The Silver Tour (Teaching Seniors the Benefits of Medical Marijuana)

My photo shoot was for Robert’s upcoming book, an expose on America’s medical marijuana controversy, and was organized by art director and graphic designer Ashley Swanson.

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