Poet and Stonecoast Creative Writing Program Director Annie Finch

I first met Annie at a college alumni gathering at the Solo Bistro restaurant in Bath, ME.  Later that week I checked out her website,  and was so impressed with her work as a poet, I asked if she would like to participate in my upcoming photography exhibit: “Mainiacs – Portraits of Prominent Mainers.”  She agreed.

So, this Fall I photographed her at her home just outside Portland.  When I do portraits of people in their homes, I ask them which part of the home means the most to them.  Where do they spend most of their time?  This was easy for Annie to answer and there were four separate locations: a nook downstairs with a reading chair and a side table for her tea cup; a bookcase with a wonderful mask (a gift from a former student); her office upstairs and her writing desk which overlooks her back yard.

My favorite story Annie shared with me was about her husband Glen.  I had asked her to describe a special time in her writing.  She described one day when she was in the back yard, Glen came home and he was about to tell her about his day.  He stopped, looked at her face, and said, “You need time alone to write, don’t you?”  “She said yes.”  So, Glen went back inside.  Annie said that one moment she’ll always remember because it meant so much to her to have a husband who recognizes her needs.  What a great story?

Anyway, I truly enjoyed my portrait session with Annie and look forward to hearing about her upcoming work.

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