Photography of musician MC St. John the Baptist in Miami Beach

I’ve met many interesting and talented people in Miami but one of the characters who really stands out is musician MC St John the Baptist.  I first met him when I was renting a condo in South Beach and ran into him and his girlfriend when we were all walking our dogs–they own a condo in the same building.  It turns out he’s a musician who splits his time between Chicago and South Beach.  I figured that MC St John the Baptist must be his stage name, but he’s an elusive persona and nobody seems to know his true identity.  He’s known for his own, original music and writes all his lyrics.  Check out his Facebook page or YouTube videos here.  My favorite MC song is his “Boho” — watch the video here.

This series of photos that I did appear to be shot in a studio…but all of them were done in the living room of his condo.  You see, I have a portable studio that works incredibly well.  I can take “studio quality” shots virtually anywhere.  I’ve done shoots in homes, offices, garages, outside, etc.  It gives me a lot of flexibility and mobility with shoots.

Clients hire me to do portraits for: business headshots, acting and modeling portfolio work, senior portraits, dating and social media sites, etc.