Photography from Miami Beach “Urban Beach Week” 2011 a.k.a. Hip Hop Weekend


I know everyone else has posted images from last weekend’s Urban Beach Week but I just can’t resist. Because I live on South Beach, it was easy for me to walk over to Ocean Drive to view the festivities. In the images you’ll see some really cool cars; a guy on stilts doing incredible acrobatics; Broward County Sheriff’s office “eye in the sky” and yes, even a bible preacher who I seriously thought was going to get lynched because of the awful things he was yelling at the crowd. It made for a lively evening!  And I even brought my dog Sergei, who wasn’t too fond of the crowds.  Well, it turned out, the crowds weren’t too fond of him either.  Many times I heard people talking behind my back that they thought he was a “drug-sniffing” dog.  Trust me…all he was sniffing were  the discarded pizza crusts and wings!

Should the city ban this event?  Or curtail it?  Good question.  Frankly, I choose to live in South Beach because it is a lively, fun place.  If I wanted total quiet with no disturbances, I could choose to live in the suburbs.  For me, events like this are just part of living here.  I can choose to partake or not.  Most of the weekend I just stayed in.  So, I think the city should not entirely ban an event like this.  But I think making reasonable changes or modifications to ensure safety and minimize the negative impact on the community could make a lot of sense.

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