Photographing Bernice Steinbaum at her gallery in Miami

This was one of the most FUN photo shoots I’ve ever done.  Bernice Steinbaum, owner of the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery in the Design District of Miami, has the energy and pizzazz of 10 people.  I mean, how many subjects show up for a magazine photo shoot wearing moose slippers?!  Oh, that was after she took off her 5″ pink stilettos.  I’ve had the fortune of photographing some very notable people including politicians, athletes, actors, geniuses, and models…but nobody compares to Bernice in the “Fun Factor.” I did this shoot for Noor Blazekowic’s IRREVERSIBLE Magazine which will profile the “movers and shakers” of the Miami art scene in the next issue which is due out around May 15th.  And because Bernice is so fashionable we even brought in an excellent make-up artist, Robyn Grinberg with Kiss This Makeup owned by Jenna Marie Streitenfeld. As a photographer, I go to many art galleries, openings and events.  The Bernice Steinbaum Gallery is at the top of the pack.  If you haven’t been to Bernice’s gallery, I highly recommend you do.

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