Paid Internship — Fine Art Photography management

Emerging Miami fine art photographer offering

a paid internship in arts management / arts administration / gallery management.



Applicants will be evaluated by how closely they read and follow instructions.


    • We’re looking for an individual who is currently studying arts management, art history or a related field.
    • Interest in and enthusiasm for fine art photography specifically street photography
    • Strong verbal, telephone and written skills are MANDATORY.
    • ENTHUSIASM is a huge plus.  If you’re not an enthusiastic person, please don’t apply.
    • Fluency in Spanish a plus.
    • Experience with Macintosh computers a plus.
    • Ideally the candidate would live somewhat close to Coconut Grove (whenever we’ve hired someone who lives far away, they get tired of driving, ask us to “work from home” and then “flake out”)
    • You can work about 15 hours per week (could be increased to 20 with exceptional performance) performed between the hours of 9am-5pm between Monday – Saturday (I like to take Sundays off).
    • Schedule very flexible as long as the work gets done we don’t care when you do it.
    • All work to be completed at our office in Coconut Grove i.e. please do NOT ask to “work from home.”
    • Applicant should be a self-starter and EXTREMELY motivated.
    • Duties to include: increase and manage fine art print sales; submit photographer’s work to be included in exhibits and competitions; manage social media presence; oversee public relations related to any exhibits we’re in; network with galleries & people in the arts; prepare work for exhibits.
    • The internship will conclude with the intern curating and organizing an exhibit of my work.
    • We are asking for a 3-6 month commitment.
    • This is NOT a photography position.  We are NOT looking to hire photographers or photographer assistants.
    • If you already have extensive experience in arts management this position is NOT for you.  You will be bored and underpaid.
    • We do not have a retail gallery location and all sales will be completed online and/or through exhibits.
    • If you are flaky, please don’t apply.  We just don’t have time to babysit someone.
    • If you don’t want to work, please don’t apply.
    • If you don’t like dealing with the general public, please don’t apply.
    • If you are an “art snob”, please don’t apply.

We are offering:

    • This is a PAID internship which includes a small hourly rate with performance based bonuses.
    • You will receive real life experience managing fine art sales and a reference to use for your next position.

If you are interested in this position and meet the above criteria, please send your resumé and a detailed description of why you match the items listed above to:

Applicants will be evaluated by how closely they read this posting and follow instructions.

We will contact you if we would like to set up an interview.

Please do NOT call.  

We are expecting a huge response and cannot handle phone calls.  Sorry.  Thank you for understanding.

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