Pablo Cano’s Red Velvet Theater presents Herman Leghorn’s “Birds Fly South” in the key of gee whiz


Last night I attended a sold-out performance at Pablo Cano‘s Red Velvet Theater in Little Havana.  The show featured Herman Leghorn performing “Birds Fly South” in the key of Gee Whiz: with Herman Leghorn vocals, ukulele, electric guitar, harmonica , Pablo Cano and his musical marionettes, Brenda Berry vocals and Alex Chun on flute. All songs written by Herman Leghorn.

The show is described as a “new, interactive musical featuring 9 Herman Leghorn originals and Pablo D. Cano’s magical marionettes. A half-improvised, heartwarming story made of music, sing-alongs, marionettes (and el vino!) with an ending that will lift you a mile high into the night sky! Not to be missed!”

I had a great time and recommend not missing their last show on March 30th.

Ticket information:
Located in Little Havana : 2485 SW 5th Street Miami Fl 33135.
Admission : $ 35 adults, $ 10 students and artists , children under 12 free.
Email to reserve.
Includes champagne, wine, dessert and coffee.
Pay as you walk in . Cash or checks please.
Free, safe parking.

For those photo techies out there, you’ll probably notice that I didn’t use a flash.  I was concerned that the flash would be just too powerful for this venue so I tried a really high ISO and a slow shutter speed.  They came out pretty well.  For a professional shoot, I’d recommend using a flash.

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