Myra “Obey Yo Momma” Wexler – The Arts Diva of Miami – #YouWowMe 3

“Lots of great sex!” was the 3rd sentence Myra Wexler said to me within 6o seconds of meeting her a little over three years ago.  To put that in context, she was answering my question, “How do you stay so youthful?”

Myra Wexler is a force.   She is a self-described “Arts Maven” but to be fair, she is Miami’s #1 arts patron attending hundreds of arts events annually.  She selflessly promotes dozens of artists each month and asks for nothing in return.   If you are involved in any way in the “Miami Arts Scene” you have most likely met Myra or will very soon.

I first met Myra in August of 2010 at a dinner party hosted by Cuban marionette artist Pablo Cano and I knew right away that she was a unique person who I wanted to get to know better.

Myra is the 3rd in my #YouWowMe series – portraits of truly inspirational people.

She turns 66 this Spring and has the energy of someone 30 years her junior.  After befriending Myra, for a few weeks in the Fall of 2010 I went around with her on a number of evenings.  She literally wore me out.  Most evenings I had to bow out before her and I knew she still had a few more gallery openings to attend.

But Myra isn’t just an active patron of the arts.  How many 65 year-olds have over 4,200 Facebook friends?!  And she sincerely cares about these people.  You could stop her in the street today, name a Miami artist and she most likely could tell you a quick bio on that person.  Did I mention that she has her own logo, tagline and bumper sticker?  She’s so popular that her fans travel with her stickers and tag them around the world.  I recall one strange encounter I had when Myra was touring the Wynwood Arts District helping a famous New York City street artist while he was tagging the neighborhood.  And she does all this while living with and helping to care for her 93 year-old mother.

Here’s the best part about Myra:  A number of people over the last few years have asked me (because they know I’m a friend of hers), “So, how is Myra making money from all her networking?”  or “Has she monetized her network yet?”  My answer is always the same, “She’s not doing any of this for money.  She does this because she loves the arts and cares for people.”

What could be more inspirational?

Watch and listen to Myra explain her inspiration (sorry about the background noise!):



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