My college 20th reunion! Yale Class of 1990

Whim ‘n Rhythm perfom at Woolsey Hall

Last weekend I traveled from Miami Beach up to New Haven for my Yale College Class of 1990 20th reunion.  Wow–time has flown.  But it was great to see so many people.  The head of reunions said we had 450 classmates show up out of a class of 1,300 students–not bad.  I only took a few photos over the weekend because I spent the entire time talking and by Sunday my voice was hoarse.

1990 Whiffenpoofs performing at our reunion

 Whim ‘n Rhythm performing at our reunion

I stayed right in the dorm (Silliman College) on campus!

I just remembered I had taken some images with my iphone (the resolution is pretty weak!).  Before everyone had arrived at the reunion on Friday, I wandered around campus and visited a few of my favorite “haunts” and here they are:

Calhoun College’s common room piano.  I have many fond memories of my suite-mate, Harrison Pollak playing amazing music on this piano.

For lunch on Friday, I had my favorite Greek salad at Yorkside Restaurant on York Street.  This is the same great salad that I’ve been having since 1982 when my brother first matriculated at Yale!

I also visited The Selin Courtyard inside Sterling Memorial Library.  I remember the first time my brother showed me this wonderful place to read.

And of course for dessert, I had to go to Ashley’s Ice Cream on York Street!