Marlin fishing in Baja–Have I got a fish story for you….

I just got back from marlin fishing with my brother Sean in Cabo San Lucas at the very tip of Baja.  I’m a big fan of Hemingway (accomplished deep sea fisherman) so Sean chartered our own boat as a birthday present.

You want to hear a great fish story?  Well, I had no idea that Cabo is considered one of the best marlin fishing sites in the world.  I mean, people come from all over just to try marlin fishing.  It is a HUGE thing here.  The marina is gigantic–hundreds of boats.  So, at 6:30am there were 130 boats all leaving at the same time—yes, you read it correctly–130 boats.  Well, Sean chose one of the best captains of the whole fleet and here’s why.  Most of the boats will go 10-20 miles out to get to their favorite fishing spot and then start trolling.  And that’s what we started to do.  We left the marina at 6:40am and we’re are going full throttle–I mean FAST.  20 minutes later we are only 6 miles out and the captain, Saul, up on the flying bridge yells down to his first mate, Rafael, MARLIN! MARLIN! MARLIN!  I have no idea how Saul spotted the marlin.  So, Rafael gets the gear ready and Sean says I should take the first one because it’s my birthday present.  Well, he’s hooked by 7:00am and it takes me 45 minutes to reel him in.  And I’m exhausted.  My left hand is scraped and cut up, and my left arm is cramped up.  But I get him to the boat.  And it takes all 4 of us to haul him into the boat.  So, out of 130 boats we’ve got the first marlin of the day in the boat by 7:45am.

And then we learn when we get back to the dock that we were one of only 4 boats (of 130) that caught a marlin, our’s was the first and was the biggest: just under 8 feet and 150 lbs!  There was 75 lbs of marlin steaks–we gave about half to the captain and first mate, gorged on marlin Friday and Saturday and I still have 54 steaks now in my freezer at home.

Oh, and by the way, we had a humpback whale breaching just off the port side of the boat.  HUGE!  The tail looked longer than our boat which was 30ft!  And did I mention the sea lion that climbed on the stern of the boat to check out the marlin on the back?! Check out the video….

What a great trip!

This is the marlin I caught!  The captain, Saul, on the right and first mate, Rafael on the left


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