Low light photography of Bhagavan Das at Synergy Center for Yoga in Miami Beach

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I first learned about Bhagavan Das when I read Be Here Now by Ram Das.  In the book, Ram Das explains how Bhagavan Das introduced him to his guru in India.  For a while I’ve been wanting to attend a presentation by Bhagavan Das but they are always located far away.  So I was delighted when I heard about a Kirtan he was leading with Kali….just 7 blocks from where I live in South Beach!  I immediately rode my bike over to Synergy Center for Yoga and signed up.

This last Saturday was the event and it was quite an experience, like nothing I had had ever been to and something I would definitely do again.  To learn more about Bhagavan Das, go to his website here. And if you haven’t been to Synergy, I recommend checking them out.  Besides Yoga, they offer a great selection of workshops in a beautiful setting and it’s run professionally by the owner, Victoria Brunacci.

These two images I took of him are not examples of formal portraiture.  But they are good examples of event photography in extremely low light conditions.  The event was lit with just candles so it was challenging to get any good shots at all because I didn’t want to use a flash and spoil the mood.  So I cranked up the ISO to 3200 which reduced the clarity of the images but allowed me to take them.

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