Jamaican Paul from Jimbo’s on Virginia Key – Miami, FL

I was fortunate enough to be one of the last patrons of Jimbo’s on Virginia Key.  Just a few days before they closed, my friend Ashley Swanson of AshandBurn.com fame suggested we drive out for one final visit before the City tore it down.  During this pilgrimage to the legendary watering hole (it’s been used as a location in numerous Hollywood movies), I met a Jimbo’s fixture, patron and self-described tour guide: Jamaican Paul.  JP is quite a character and literally earns his beers by posing for photographs (I’ll post my portrait of him soon).  Ashley was so intrigued by  JP that he created a Facebook Fan group which you can join here.

While riding my bike through Coconut Grove today, I ran into JP and told him about his fan group.  JP was very happy and wanted to thank Ashley and here is the video.

If you would like to help JP, lately he’s been seen in Peacock Park in The Grove and also at The Sandbar. 

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