iPhone Photography – Summer Vacation 2012 – Kennebunkport, Maine


I grew up in a small touristy fishing village in Maine called Kennebunkport.  For the last 22 years, my family has gathered there for about a week every July 4th.  This year I decided to photograph the week just using my iPhone and I’m amazed with the results.  As you can see in the photos, we spent a lot of time on David McCarron’s boat which he generously lent to us although we did allow Dave to come aboard once or twice :-).  Thanks Dave!  And you’ll also see my brothers Sean & Brendan.  My sister-in-law Kristi, my nephews Keagan and Torin.  Marc & Jeff Zdunczyk. That beautiful hair you see blowing in the wind belongs to Maureen Adams Weaver.  Alison Godburn. Erin Pelletier and Adrian Link.  Many trips were made to Barnacle Billy’s in Perkins Cove, The Ramp in Cape Porpoise, Stage Harbour, The Arundel Wharf and up and down the Kennebunk River. In one day we went to both Perkins Cove and then over to Cape Porpoise.

Here’s Brendan Crotty taking a turn as Captain:

And Marc Zdunczyk at the helm:

Here we are heading over to Cape Porpoise. David McCarron doesn’t get to use his boat very often so you can hear him happily yelling, “I’m on my boat!!”

Enjoying the sunset and our first round at The Ramp:

Here we are leaving Cape Porpoise after an afternoon at The Ramp:


About to tie up at The Pilot House completely exhausted:

During the entire week, my 4-year old nephew Keagan was in a “No” phase.  That was his response to basically any question.  It was so funny that by the end of the week many of the adults started imitating him.  David had generously let us use his boat most of the week. Finally, near the end of the week he started texting us, “Guys–bring back my boat!” To which we videotaped this response and texted it to him:

What a week!

Did I leave anything out? Would anyone like to comment on this week?

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