Fine Art Photography for sale – Contrary Warriors – Michelle Domb


While watching a movie the other day, I saw a reference to the “Contrary Warriors” and started reading about them.  They were a special, elite group of warriors within the Plains’ Indian tribe who were noted for their ability to ride backwards on a horse while shooting a bow and arrow.  Eventually, this group evolved their contrary behavior to all elements within the tribe and they were noted for their unconventional behavior.  They were “committed to an extraordinary life-style in which they consistently and continually did the opposite of what others normally do. They thus turned all social conventions into their opposites.”

Personally, I loved this concept and decided to do a series of photographs depicting individuals behaving in a contrarian manner to our current societal standards.

For my first photo shoot, I hired the talented performance artist, Michelle Domb, to act and model various contrarian behavior on our busy Lincoln Road.  Who will be my next Contrary Warrior?

Do you ever exhibit contrarian behavior?  Share with me examples:

Would you like this framed or un-framed?

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