Gabrielle Anwar who plays Fiona Glenann on Burn Notice

 Something was telling me to take a break from working on the computer, grab my camera and take a spin on my beach cruiser bike around South Beach.  WOW!  Something was right.  Just about 7 blocks from my apartment I see a street blocked off (on 13th just off Washington Ave) with a film crew so I ride down there and who’s standing right in front of me talking to one of the security guards?……Gabrielle Anwar who plays Fiona Glenanne on Burn Notice.  I can see why in  1993, People magazine named her one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

Here’s the best part: I’m now on a first name basis with her 🙂  Seriously, I ask her if I can take a photo and she says sure.  So I take my camera out of my bag and she says, “Wow, that’s quite a camera.”  Yeah, I know what you all are thinking….but that’s what she said.  And I came back with the lamest response, “Oh, well…..I’m a portrait photographer and this is what I use on shoots.”  She seemed like she wanted to talk so I introduced myself, “By the way, I’m Liam.”  And she shook my hand and said, “I’m Gabrielle.”  I told her I’m a big fan and that I had seen every episode (I live in Miami Beach—it’s true.  I’ve seen every one!).

So, I got a couple of good shots and then an assistant gave me “that” look and said they had to be going.  Sure enough, the assistant came back and told the security guys, no more photos because they’re behind schedule.  So, I guess I got the last one of the day!


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