How I like to plan a photo shoot in Miami Beach


I’ve already done two photo shoots for fashion designer Peggy Russell of IRO Design in Boston.  So when she and her husband, Andy Chason, owner of Sleep Afloat(vacation house boat rentals) arrived yesterday in South Beach, I was looking forward to a very good time.  When I’ve already worked with a client, it’s easier to be a little more flexible with all the details because you know how to work together.  Our planning session consisted of me showing up at their hotel “The Hotel of South Beach” and immediately going to the rooftop pool and bar–because that’s where all the real planning gets done. Right?  What a great view!  We were joined by the model who we’ll be shooting with, Connie Johnson, who is also a graphic designer in Miami and friend Ashley Swanson who is also a graphic and web designer of   Andy opened the first bottle of champagne and the planning began!

Up until that point, all we had decided on was: the client was Peggy; the model was Connie; I was the photographer; and we were doing a shoot in South Beach on Wednesday April 27th.  So, champagne flute in hand, we started talking about all the specifics for the shoot 24 hours away: locations, background, the fashion accessories Peggy wanted to shoot for her website, time of day, how much artificial lighting would I use, wardrobe, etc.  When you’ve got three experienced professionals talking through all the details, you can cover a lot of material quickly.  In fact, so quickly Andy had to open a second bottle of champagne.

Once we felt we had the basics covered, then we had to get serious….where are we having dinner?!  Believe it or not, that decision in South Beach is a tough choice because there are so many fantastic restaurants but when Ashley mentioned the long-running Haitian Restaurant Tap Tap, we all immediately agreed.

So, there you have it and you now probably understand why all my friends “hate” me…that was just another hard day at the office working with a client. 🙂

Photos: The gorgeous neon Tiffany sign is on the top of The Hotel of South Beach (yes, it used to be called The Tiffany).  And that photo of the drink in the slideshow?  For the life of me, I can’t remember what Tap Tap calls it: Haitian Barbancourt rum, an entire fresh-squeezed lime and cane sugar….mmmmmm.  And the lonely tire on the bicycle rack?  I couldn’t help taking a photo of it.  Being an avid cyclist, it just seemed perfect…evenly symmetrical.



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