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Welcome to the official website of Liam P. B. Crotty, an accomplished Miami Street Photographer. The Wisconsin-born street photographer has shown a natural gift for photography since his youth, when at age nine he purchased his first camera and never stopped shooting pictures.

As much adventurer as he is a photographer, he’s traveled the world – from the jungles of Costa Rica to the Gulf of California – doing what he loves best: capturing the world around him, and the people that inhabit it, and its most nature. A people-person through and through, Liam is famous not only for his artistic brilliance, but for his unique ability to strike up a sincere connection with each and every subject.

Indeed, Liam’s dedication to his clients has allowed him to meet and photograph some of the most high-profile individuals in the world, from U.S. senators to famous musicians. In fact, his award-winning works have appeared in dozens of periodicals, including the CBS Miami, Miami New Times, El Nuevo Herald, The Sun Sentinel, NBC Miami, IRREVERSIBLE Magazine, Momentum Magazine, and more.