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When I asked #YouWowMe 17, Marte Siebenher, to name someone who inspires her, without hesitation she said, “Oh, that’s easy. Sheila Womble.”

Sheila is one of those truly unique individuals who has worked with just one organization for most of her career.   As she describes, she was lucky enough to secure a job in her field (arts administration) directly out of college and has never left.  Now, as Executive Director of Arts for Learning Miami, she helps to oversee and coordinate “Miami’s leading organization dedicated to connecting professional artists with kids in Miami-Dade County.”  From infants to high school students, they serve over 5,000 children and youth per year and are constantly growing.

“I hit a career jackpot right out of college and am lucky because the work remains interesting and meaningful.”  When I asked Sheila her thoughts about inspiration, she shared “…sometimes it’s best when it catches you off guard.  Inspiration is all around.  It’s best when you’re not looking for it.  That’s when you’ll see it.”

In this photo you’ll see Sheila visiting her favorite location in Miami, The Barnacle State Park in Coconut Grove — a  location that gave her inspiration years ago when she served as a volunteer.  Sheila shares these words of inspiration: “Get comfortable with yourself” — meaning that we each should find peace with ourselves.

People who have inspired Sheila include: Cecilia Gutierrez Abety (Director, Miami Children’s Initiative); Jane Gilbert (who hired her right out of college); and brothers Carlos Becerra and Cesar Becerra who is a self-described Historian, Artist, Environmentalist and Wanderer.  Perhaps they’ll be the next #YouWowMe subjects.

Sheila is the 21st subject in my next photography exhibit  #YouWowMe –  the first-ever photography project to combine portraiture and personal words of inspiration which are passed to the next person — i.e. a “pay it forward” of inspirational photography.

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