Frog n Toad Music Video by MC St. John the Baptist – South Beach, FL



Last week my friend, musician MC St. John the Baptist from Chicago called to say he was going to be in South Beach and wanted to hire me to film a music video of his newest song, Frog n Toad.  After I heard Frog n Toad for the first time, I immediately told The Baptist I would shoot the video because I thought he had a hit on his hands.  The entire song was written and performed by him and he had already produced the entire audio in a studio in Chicago so I only had to worry about the video.  I told “The Baptist” that I hadn’t done video for a music video before but would love to do it.  So, last Thursday we got together and filmed the entire video in half a day at his condo in South Beach.

Of course, to make the video even more interesting, a few models were hired to help with the shoot including: the black haired model is named Lorena Perez from Cuba; the blond is “D”  from Sibera, Russia; and the brunette is Audrey Bouetté from France.  We also got a lot of help during the shoot from Production Assistant Ty Perez.

If you listen to the lyrics, it’s obvious that the song is about the legalization of marijuana which The Baptist is a strong supporter of the cause.

To view the images from a photoshoot I did with The Baptist last January, go here.


If you like the music and video, I suggest you “Subscribe” to The Baptist’s YouTube video feed which you can view here.

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