Free Quinceanera photography! Be a Quince “spokesmodel” for my photography



“Yes, it’s true.  I will photograph your Quince celebration and give you

prints and enlargements for FREE…in return for you acting as a

“spokesmodel” for my photography with your friends on Facebook.”


Apply today for one of the most exciting spokesmodel opportunities in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Not only will you get outstanding Quinceanera pictures (for FREE), you will also have a lot of fun! I’m looking for students who have not yet had their Quinceanera celebration to be spokesmodels for my photography at your school. In return for representing me and sharing your experience with your friends on Facebook, you can have fun earning my photography services for your Quinceanera, extra free photo shoots, free prints & enlargements and some of the top performers even earn cash commissions. You need to be outgoing, goal oriented, Facebook-savvy and passionate about my Quinceanera photography to do well. I’ve created the best Quince model program in South Florida so check it out.


I’m looking for fun, upbeat and Facebook-savvy students who want amazing FREE Quince photography!

Only 1 Quince girl accepted per school.

Apply today!  Email Liam at:

7 Reasons To Join my Quince Modeling Program

    1. My Quince spokesmodel program is free.  I’m not selling you anything.
    1. Receive my photography services for FREE at your Quince, prints and enlargements–at least a $750 value.
    1. Earn additional commissions by referring your friends.
    1. Get the best pictures you have ever had taken and make your friends envious.
    1. Earn awesome bonus prizes like a modeling portfolio album or custom book.
    1. Your Quince pictures will be totally unique.
  1. Have a lot of fun with this!


Terrific pictures.  You have a real gift for portraits.”

Ricardo Pau-Llosa Pulitzer-nominated poet and art critic February 13, 2011


“…tons of passion and very professional…”

Noor Blazekovic
Editor & Publisher
IRREVERSIBLE  Art Magazine February 14, 2011

There are six requirements for being a Quince model:

    1. You have not yet celebrated your Quince and are physically fit.
    1. You live or go to a school in either Miami-Dade or Broward counties.
    1. You are upbeat, fun and REALLY active Facebook and/or Twitter.
    1. You are not currently a spokesmodel for another photographer.
    1. You have your parent’s permission.
  1. You want the best Quince pictures!

Here are the steps to apply:

    1. If you are not already a fan, become a fan of my Liam Crotty Photography Facebook page by going there and clicking the like button.
    1. Become a friend of Liam Crotty on facebook.
    1. To apply, simply email or click on the CONTACT button listed in the MENU and explain you are applying for the Quince Modeling Program.
    1. Suggest to your Facebook friends the Liam Crotty Photography Facebook fan page.
    1. Tweet your Followers on Twitter about my Quince program.
  1. Once you contact me, you will be able to schedule an interview. The interview is FREE so you can see how you’ll benefit. And to save you and your parents time, Liam will meet you at your home to do the interview.   I realize that my spokesmodel program isn’t for everyone, but most everyone who comes in for an interview and are extended an offer, sign up.

When I schedule an interview with you, at least one of your parents will need to attend as well. I can’t take pictures or sign a model to a modeling contract without your parents permission, so they need to attend to learn and understand all the details about the program.

Only 1 Quince girl accepted per school.

Apply today!  Email Liam


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