Feb Club Emeritus 2012 – Miami Beach, FL


Last night I attended the Feb Club Emeritus party on the rooftop of The Perry – South Beach (formerly known as the Gansevoort).

What is Feb Club Emeritus?  Well, its origins start at Yale University and now could be the world’s largest (we think – no one’s challenged us yet) multi-national alumni party.

“Legend has it that Feb Club started in the ‘70s as a way to survive the doldrums of February and a harsh winter in New Haven. Each year, a student, group of students or organization would be handed down the solemn task of organizing 28 (29) parties around the Yale campus one for each night of the month, and spreading the word among the student population.  In the early days, there was no e-mail, no web pages, no Facebook…. so word of the parties, their locations, hosts and themes were truly spread by word of mouth.  Feb Club parties ranged from simple get-togethers in a dorm room to elaborate choreographed affairs involving multiple hosts and locations. “

This tradition was re-invented for alumni just 5 years ago with the bold challenge of 28 (29) days and and an equal number of alumni parties literally around the world. Here are just a few of the cities that participated this year:  Oxford, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Shanghai, Jordan, Kabul and Miami Beach and for a complete list of all the cities and parties go here.

Alums and friends who attended Feb Club Emeritus Miami Beach this year included: our host for the evening Richard Rosenfeld Class of 1963, Anne Rosenfeld, Karla Gottlieb ’88, Jackie Tuozzolo ’78, Manuel Pérez-Leiva ’78, the Yale Club of South Florida President David Sanchez, Guillermo Gleizer ’86, Dave Werner ’06, Emily Hill ’07, Frazier Evans ’62, Elisabeth Evans, Bonnie Epstein, Jo Ann Mayer, Fred Teger, Peter & Kathy Coakley, Liliana & Duane Treeman and myself, Liam Crotty ’90.

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