Fashion photo shoot for IRO Design in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami

On Sunday I was hired by Peggy Russell of IRO Design in Boston to photograph her new line of clothing and accessories.  Peggy designs all her own work and you can see how creative she is by her wonderful use of color.  Peggy hired the talented and beautiful Miami model Connie Johnson who I’ve worked with previously.  For this shoot, Peggy asked us to use the Wynwood Arts District in downtown Miami to give an urban feel to the photography which you can see by the locations and backgrounds that Connie and I chose.  It was about a 4-hour shoot and we used 10 different locations.  I just love photographing in Wynwood because there are so many cool buildings and stunning graffiti art.  For one of the locations, Connie was getting a lot of attention from the homeless guys on the block.  After I gave one of them a beer, they all got very cooperative and wanted to be photo assistants 🙂  Connie is also a talented graphic designer and you can view some of her work here.