“Public Art – Private Artists”

The faceless artists behind Miami’s hot street-art scene
Date: Winter 2010-2011
Location: Miami, FL
Description:   After attending the Wynwood Graffiti Art Bike Tour, portrait photographer Liam Crotty was completely amazed at the quantity and quality of public, street art in Miami so he asked the question, “Who’s doing all this?”  His next exhibit will be the first-ever  to profile the artists creating Miami’s burgeoning public street art scene featuring portraits of 30 Miami street artists.  With a background in architecture and design, Miami resident Olga Maria Cano will be assisting Crotty with the exhibit.
Anonymity and Privacy:  For many reasons, some of the artists who are creating the Miami Street Art wish to keep their identity anonymous.  Creating a photographic portrait while maintaining the anonymity of the artist is part of the challenge and fun of this project.  Crotty plans to collaborate with each artist as to how best to portray them while maintaining privacy.  Techniques for disguising the artists: depth of field to blur foreground/background; shadowing; lighting; photographing the back of the artist; sunglasses; bandanas; face paint, etc.

“Mainiacs – Portraits of Prominent Mainers”

Date: To be announced

Location: To be announced

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“Finding Norman Rockwell’s Small Town America”

August, 2008

Kennebunk, Maine

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“Faces of the Kennebunks by Portrait Photographer Liam Crotty”

February-May, 2008

The Brick Store Museum

Kennebunk, Maine

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The exhibition showcases 23 large-format, color and black-and-white images that touch upon the contemporary fabric of the community–whether a popular teacher, longtime volunteer, Tony Award winner, or former NASCAR champion.

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