Everybody Street Documentary Review

Everybody Street, directed by Cheryl Dunn

Everybody Street, directed by Cheryl Dunn centers around the work of 13 street photographers and the city that served as their muse, New York.

Diversity is what makes the Big Apple an inspiration to street photographers. The documentary is an exploration of their perception of urban life. The way they shape their interpretation of the city’s vivacious streets offers an insight into their creative minds.

Whether they approach the subject, or seek for a spontaneous shot that encapsulates the trivial, all photographers are ultimately aiming for individuality, emotion and connection.

For some, street photography is about capturing the dynamic of the city, stopping time in a frame. “If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it’s a street photograph”- Bruce Gilden. For others is about capturing the very souls of their subjects.

© Allen Bourgeois

© Werner Bischof, 1952, ‘Train La Rafale’, Indochina






















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Liam Crotty’s Street Photography

While other street photographers’ creativity is stimulated by the chaotic streets of New York, Liam Crotty seeks the excitement of photographing urban life on the streets of Miami.

Liam sees beyond the routine of his subjects. “Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them”.-Elliott Erwitt.


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