Dog Portrait / Pet Photography – Arlyn & Tulku – Miami, FL

I don’t advertise that I do pet portraits (dog & cat photography) but I do occasionally get asked to do them.  As a professional photographer, I can be gone away from home on a photo shoot for many hours at a time.  Being a dog owner that can be tricky.  My neighbor, Arlyn, who is a work-from-home medical aesthetician (a licensed skin-care professional), has been helping me by letting out my dog Sergei when I’m on photo shoots.  So, when she asked if I would do a portrait of her dog Tulku I eagerly agreed.  And I’m really happy with the results.  Would you believe the scenery in the background is the yard at my building?  The yard has an enormous avocado tree, a large Banyan and a mango tree–yes I live in the tropics!  Arlyn explained that she found Tulku many years ago on the street when she was living in South Beach.  Tulku is a Tibetan Buddhist term meaning a “high ranking lama.”