City of Opa Locka bans wearing saggy pants i.e. no sagging

This sign is posted at the entrance to Opa Locka’s city parks



I was just in the City of Opa Locka to do a wedding photography consultation when I noticed this sign posted at the entrance to a city park.  I was driving when I noticed it so I came back to to the park after the consult to confirm what I had seen.  Yes, it was true!  The City has banned wearing saggy pants, called “sagging”, in any city building or city park.  I had heard that some municipalities had passed ordinances about sagging but didn’t realize this suburb of Miami had done so. Personally I think sagging is just gross but I do support our right to express ourselves and people reveal much more of themselves when they wear a bathing suit in a city park so I’m surprised ordinances like this even hold up in court. What are your thoughts on saggy pants?


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