Carlos Cruz-Diez and IRREVERSIBLE Magazine – Miami, FL



Last Friday I had to honor to be asked by IRREVERSIBLE Magazine‘s Founder Publisher & Editor, Noor Blazekovic,  to photograph a very special event.   Arteamérica’s (The Latin American Art Fair) Vice-President,  Emilio Calleja and Liliana Nuñez, hosted a private party at their beautiful home in Coral Gables to honor the Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez.  Before doing any photo shoot and especially before a portrait session, I do as much homework as possible.  In this case, the guest of honor, Carlos Cruz-Diez is considered one of the leading exponents of contemporary art.  Cruz-Diez lives and works in Paris since 1960.  To learn more about him, go to his website or a bio here.

This event did not disappoint.  First of all, Emilio and Liliana were exceedingly gracious hosts and their home is simply wonderful and is tastefully filled with fantastic fine art as shown in a few of my photos.

In addition to IRREVERSIBLE Magazine, just a few of the guests included: Cuban art critic and Pulitzer-nominated poet, Ricardo Pau-Llosa (click to see my portrait of him which I did earlier this year);  art appraiser and Arteamericas fair director Dora Valdés-Faul; Cuban  artist Alejandro Mendoza;  photographer Natasha Kertes; and realtor Stella Homes.

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