Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II – A Street Photographer’s Review


“Hey everybody this is Liam Crotty, street photographer in Miami. Today I’m going to do a quick review of the canon G1X Mark II. Keep in mind this is the Mark II not the original one, There were a lot of updates made to it. I get asked all the time by people “hey what’s the best camera if you’re doing street photography” my answer is always the same, It depends, it really depends on how you shot, what you shoot, when you shoot, where you shoot. The good with this camera is you can see it’s small. It’s lightweight, and yet there’s a lot of metal in it so it feels really good and strong. It’s unobtrusive, if you put it around your neck, you don’t have a huge lens coming out. It is a fixed lens. The silent mode on here is absolutely incredible, listen, *Clicks three times* I just shot three times, you can barely hear it. You can really be secretive about it if you want. And the best part that I absolutely loved about this camera was the articulating LCD screen panel, you can move it around lots of different ways, and what I wanted to shoot with it is old style twin lens like an old rollerflex, where you’re looking down through the viewfinder so your subjects don’t even know that you’re shooting at the time. The bad, right now what I found, what I test shot for about three months in Miami, shutter lag from the time you press the shutter release to when it goes, there’s just too much of a wait. The autofocus is really slow. A lot of you hardcore street photographers will say “yeah but you should only be shooting in Manual or zone mode.” I do that a lot but I like to shoot a lot of moving objects and I’m constantly moving in the street and you just can’t do manual the entire time. You gotta be able to rely on your auto focus. I missed so many cool shots this last summer, it drove me nuts. If you are going to use this just as a tourist, and you’re going to compose all your shots, and you’re going to stage them and you got nothing moving, you’ll love the camera. But if you’re a solid street photographer doing moving objects, you’re gonna get really frustrated and disappointed , and that’s my review. Thanks!”

Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II

General Details

  • Product Type                                                     Digital camera – compact
  • Sensor Resolution                                              12.8 Megapixel
  • Optical Sensor Type                                           CMOS
  • Total Pixels                                                       15,000,000 pixels
  • Effective Sensor Resolution                                 12,800,000 pixels
  • Optical Sensor Size                                            18.7 x 14mm
  • Wireless Connection                                            IEEE 802.11b/g/n, NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Optical Zoom                                                      5 x
  • Digital Zoom                                                       4 x
  • Image Processor                                                 DIGIC 6
  • Image Stabilizer                                                 Optical (Intelligent IS with 5-axis Enhanced Dynamic Mode)
  • Auto Focus                                                         TTL contrast detection
  • Auto Focus Points (Zones)                                   Qty31