Candid portrait photography of the Harper Egginton family – Delray Beach, FL


Last Friday I was hired to take a family portrait at the client’s winter home just north of Delray Beach, FL.  This was a real treat for me because most families request a very traditional, posed portrait but the Eggintons, who were vacationing from Minnesota, specifically said they didn’t want any “posed” photos and asked me to just spend time with their family for the afternoon and evening and have full creative license to photograph what I saw.  This was a photographer’s dream come true.

Candid photography or candid portraiture is a somewhat older terminology.  More often now, people use the term photojournalistic photography or photojournalistic portraits and it is my favorite method of photographing people.  Of the 10 images I’m displaying here, my favorite photo is the first one of the brother and sister at the pool (their names are witheld due to their parents’ request).  I just love how they can spend time together doing the same activity and yet they are simultaneously independent.  My second favorite photo is of the brother running in the yard with his arms in the air.  His father was hosing him off after a day at the beach and the son was just loving it.  At the end of the evening, the family relaxed by the pool and enjoyed a beautiful full moon.  Obviously, those two images are a little blurry because I used a long shutter speed but I still appreciate them.

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