“Be Humble” – Legend the Artist – #YouWowMe 25

Legend the Artist

While waiting for the Valenzuela Klenner Galeria to open tonight (as part of the Miami Art Week/Art Basel), I sat down at an outside pizzeria and had a slice and a beer.  Midway through my slice, a really tall guy sits down and drops a pile of artwork on the table next to me.

This got my attention.

Of course, I had to inquire about his work and why he’s carrying it around the street.  Legend is a street artist from Atlanta who’s been in Miami for two years.  I explained my photography project and he eagerly said I could photograph him.

When I asked him to pass on some words of inspiration to the next person in the project, he blurted out “Be humble.”  He explained that “you have to start over at ground level zero to understand what you already have.   That process makes you humble.  I had a great art and jewelry business and plenty of friends in Atlanta but I got too comfortable.  I got complacent.  So I moved here.  I’m humble and I’m a man on fire.”  Legend shows his work locally in a gallery in Coconut Grove and has a solo show at the Oasis Lounge.

Legend passed these words of advice on to the next person in my photography exhibit  #YouWowMe –  the first-ever photography project to combine portraiture and personal words of inspiration which are passed to the next person — i.e. a “pay it forward” of inspirational photography.

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