“As long as I’m happy, life is good” – Emily the bartender – #YouWowMe 7

YouWowMe 7 - Emily 001

#YouWowMe 7 – Emily the bartender

My #YouWowMe project is focused on people and inspiration.  Some people inspire me with great accomplishments and others explain to me their view of inspiration.

Many mornings I start my day at Greenstreet Cafe in Coconut Grove with cornflakes and a double cuban coffee.  One of my regular servers, Emily, and I talked about inspiration this morning.

Emily’s opinion of inspiration is wonderfully straightforward and uncomplicated.

When I asked Emily to elaborate, she immediately replied, “As long as I’m happy, life is good.”    And then I remember reading “The Art of Happiness” by the Dalai Lama.  There was a section in the book where he was asked to define the meaning of life.  And he replied, “Our goal in life should be to pursue happiness.  If we were all happy, think what a beautiful world it would be.”  (This is my memory of his words in the book but you get the idea).

That means Emily is already taking the Dalai Lama’s advice and didn’t even realize it! 🙂

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