A memorial to a sailing friend: Philip V. Sturges Jr. on a perfect Labor Day

This is the saddest post I’ve ever made to my blog.  A friend, Phil Sturges, from Kennebunk, ME recently passed away after a battle with cancer.  I only knew Phil for a short time but one of the special characteristics about Phil was that he would treat new acquaintances like old friends–I instantly felt welcome to his world.  Phil was always a gentlemen and went through life with such class.  Even during his illness, he showed such courage by maintaining a daily online diary through CaringBridge to keep family and friends updated.  Shown here are a few images I took during a perfect day sailing on John Getchell’s the Bon Marche last Labor Day.  Although I’m sad that we’ve all had to lose Phil, I will always remember this day and what a wonderful example Phil set for us all.  As you can see by the photos, Phil was truly in his element.  That smile you see, he had the entire day–he was happy for hours.  Also shown are: the Gingerbread Man a.k.a John Getchell–one of Phil’s closest friends; Jeffrey Martin-Zdunczyk an attorney from Kennebunk and Lisa Hagerman from Cambridge.  And if you look closely to the reflection in Phil’s glasses in the black & white image, you can also see Wendy Martin-Zdunczyk.

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